The Experience

The Experience

Hello Future

The Future Of Coffee Is Here…

The Future Of Coffee Is Here…

Our robotic specialty café is an eye catching, theatre presentation of coffee creation. It transforms coffee ordering process into an experience from the start: drinks are ordered on an app platform, and prepared by a robotic arm with a 60 second thruput, capable of servicing 4 drinks at once. Robojo can even add customizable latte art to each glass, personalizing the experience for each customer. Receive perfect taste every time with no labor, and faster, more consistent results

Using The App

Load the App

Find a Location

View Settings Anytime

Choose Your Drink

Hot Drink Options

Choose Size & Flavor

Choose Cold Drink

Choose Size & Milk

Choose Latte Art

Select Payment Type

Order Confirmation

Scan To Make

4 Drinks Made at a Time

Optimized Labor

Optimized Labor


Drink Combinations

250+ Drink Combinations

One Hour a Day for Service

Consistent Output

Consistent Output

Fair Trade & Sustainable

Fair Trade & Sustainable

We utilize partners who share fair trade and sustainable values ​​with us they supply us with fair trade products, organic products and biodegradable cups and accessories of the very best quality. Respect for nature, people and cultural diversity are the compass for our innovative paths. Together with our partners, we want to promote living conditions and conserve natural resources.

The responsibility for a fair, global coexistence and the respect for nature are the guiding principles for our entrepreneurial actions in our company.

For our concept we use the very latest technologies, developments and visions. Our values ​​give customers, employees, business partners and franchisees the successful security of being in line with today’s environmentally conscious world.






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