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A Guide to the Automated Coffee Business
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Coffee is a big business! According to national coffee association (NCA), 64% of US adults drink coffee daily.  The average US coffee drinker drinks 2.7 cups per day (9 oz cups).

With Robojo, featuring MyAppCafe you get a coffee shop experience at a fraction of the cost.  Users receive the full experience of a coffee shop with the consistency of automation, and little to no labor.  Traditional coffee shop buildouts range from $350,000-500,000+. Our MyAppCafe units are much less and provide the user with the coffee experience of the future.

Our turnkey espresso based business pays for itself. Depending our purchase options, your breakeven is between 20 and 80 cups a day, versus around 240 for a traditional manned coffee shop.

Coffee Flexibility

You have the option to use our coffee, or you can choose your favorite local roaster.  We will work with you to dial in your machine to produce the best shot of espresso from whatever light-roast or dark roast coffee you desire. 

Payment Flexibility

You can purchase the unit with cash, enroll in our leasing/financing program, or even just operate it, whichever makes more sense for your business. 

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