The American workplace has been given a massive overhaul in recent years. From stylish furniture to snazzy technology, office spaces are designed to reflect productivity and innovation. For many large corporate offices, cafeterias or cafes are present to offer convenience for employees and guests. But as offices expand & workforces grow, handling crowds during peak times can become a challenge.

The team at Robojo wants to help provide unique solutions to a component that practically runs the modern office — coffee. According to data obtained by the Robojo R&D team, the average American employee consumes three cups of coffee per day. To put that into perspective, 38% of workers said they couldn’t go a day without coffee, and 30% said that coffee resulted in increased focus and productivity. It’s pretty difficult to find an office without a coffee machine, however, when looking at it from a larger scope, workforces with greater numbers of employees can benefit greatly from the autonomy and convenience of Robojo.


Robojo is proud to announce a new pipeline initiative to install the coffee barista from the future in YOUR workplace. Providing convenience and efficiency will allow employees to return to critical duties faster and spend less time waiting in lines at corporate cafes.

The unit is practically laborless, requiring on average just an hour per day for cleaning and restocking. With over 250 combinations of different coffee beverages, this machine is sure to provide a satisfying caffeine jolt to workforces everywhere.

To learn more about how Robojo can be included in your office building, you can request more information below and one of our dedicated sales representatives will contact you.